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   Unit3 Text A The Altoantic Ocean

  1. unwilling adj.不情愿的,不愿意的;勉強的
  Selfish as she is, she is unwilling to share anything with others. (她很自私,不愿意與他人分享任何東西。)
  He was unwilling to give up halfway even though there might be more difficulties ahead.(盡管前面可能有許多困難,但他不愿意中途放棄。)
  They got some unwilling assistance from the local government. (地方政府勉強給了他們一些協助。)
  2. equator n.赤道
  Ecuador is near the equator.(厄瓜多爾靠近赤道。)
  People used to believe that at the equator the ocean would be boiling hot.
  3. bulge n.不規則突起;鼓起之處;(突然)上漲,增多     v.使膨脹;塞滿
  Between the bulge of South America and the bulge of Africa lies the narrowest place of the Atlantic Ocean. (大西洋的最狹窄處位于南美洲的突起處和非洲的突起處之間。)
  The graph shows a bulge in the birth rate in the year of dragon. (圖表顯示龍年出生率的暴增。)
  His schoolbag was bulging with apples when he came back from his uncle's orchard.(他從叔叔的果園回來時書包里鼓鼓囊囊裝滿了蘋果。)
  4. unusual adj. 少有的;不尋常的;與眾不同的,獨特的
  It was not unusual for him to work very late every night. (每天工作到深夜對他來說是很平常的事。)
  He has an unusual name.(他有一個不尋常的名字。)
  It is unusual to see snow in this region.(這個地區難得下雪。)
  This young man has an unusual talent for organization.(這個年輕人有非凡的組織才能)。
  5. salty adj. 咸的,含鹽的 salt n. 鹽;風趣   v. 用鹽調味;用鹽腌;撒鹽于道路上
  He didn't have much for dinner as the dishes were too salty. (他晚餐吃的不多,因為菜太咸了。)
  It might be a good idea to wash these in salty water. (把這些放在鹽水里洗一洗也許是個好主意。)
  He added a bit more salt to the soup to make it tastier. (為了使湯的味道更好,他又加了一點鹽。)
  His wit added salt to the discussion. (他的妙語使討論增添了風趣。)
  Have you salted the potato?(你往土豆里加了鹽了嗎?)
  It took them a long time to salt the main roads. (他們花了好長時間才在主要公路上撒上鹽。)
  grind salt in sb.'s wounds 在某人傷口上撒鹽,使某人痛上加痛
  with a grain of salt 半信半疑地
  Salt Lake City 鹽湖城(美國尤他州州府)
  salt mine 鹽礦      salt shaker (瓶蓋上有細孔用于勻撒的)鹽瓶
  salt spreader 撒鹽車   a saltwater lake 咸水湖
  saltwater fish 海產    a salted egg 咸蛋
  請注意:形容詞salty是由名詞 salt加形容詞后綴 -y構成的。這樣的形容詞在英語中還有很多,如:windy,snowy,rainy,cloudy,sunny,funny,muddy,foggy…
  6. average n. 平均數,平均   adj. 平均的;平常的,普通的   v. 平均
  The average of 5,7 and 9 is 7. (5,7,9的平均數是7.)
  He receives an average of 50 calls a day.(他平均每天接到50個電話。)
  Mr. Brown could hardly believe that his son's work at school is below the average.(布朗先生幾乎無法相信他兒子的學習成績低于一般水平。)
  The average temperature yesterday was below zero.(昨天的平均氣溫在零度以下。)
  He is an average student in his class.(他是班上的一般學生。)
  A man of average height came to see you today.(今天有一位中等身材的人來看你。)
  He averages one pack of cigarettes a day.(他平均每天抽一包香煙。)
  The annual rainfall here averages 700mm.(這里的年降雨量平均為700毫米。)
  7. spot n.地點,處所;點,斑點  v. 點綴;認出;準確定位  adj. 當場作出的;現付的
  She toured many scenic spots during the holiday.(假日里她游覽了許多風景勝地。)
  She told us the exact spot where the accident happened. (她把事故發生的準確地點告訴了我們。)
  She decided on a blue tie with white spot for her husband. (她給丈夫選了一條藍底白點的領帶。)
  There is a spot of ink on the white wall.(白墻上有墨水漬。)
  He didn't want to leave a spot on his reputation.(他不想在名譽上留下污點。)
  The night sky is spotted with twinkling stars.(閃爍的星星點綴著夜空。)
  His shoes are spotted with mud.(他的鞋子上有泥漬。)
  She is so special, you can spot her in the crowd easily. (她很特別,你在人群中能一眼認出她來。)
  He was sent to spot the battery position of the enemy.(他被派去測定敵炮陣地。)
  She was urged to make a spot decision.(她被催促當場做決定。)
  on the spot 當場,在現場   in a spot 在困境中,在窘境中
  put sb. on the spot 使某人處于難堪地位
  put one's finger on sb.'s weak spot 指出某人性格上的弱點
  spot check 抽樣檢查   spot survey 抽樣調查
  spotlight 聚光燈;汽車上的反光燈;公眾注意中心
  spot news 現場報道的新聞   spot price 現貨價
  8. range n. 山脈;幅度,范圍 v.(在某范圍內)變動,變化;把…排列成行
  One of the longest mountain ranges of the world rises from the floor of the Atlantic.(世界最長的山脈從大西洋洋底聳起。)
  The age range is from 45 to 65.(年齡幅度在45歲至65歲之間。)
  He is not very clear about his range of responsibility.(他對自己的責任范圍并不清楚。)
  The question you asked is out of my range.(你問的問題我不懂。)
  Prices of gasoline range from one dollar to one dollar and twenty a gallon.(汽油的價格從1美元至1美元20美分1加侖不等。)
  The tiger-sharks range in length from nine feet to fourteen feet. (虎鯨的體長從9英尺到14英尺不等。)
  The puddings are neatly ranged on the shelf.(布丁整齊地排列在架子上。)
  medium-range missile 中程導彈   wide range of interests 興趣廣泛
  at close range 接近地   in/within range 在射程內
  9. peak n. 山峰;頂點
  The mountain peak is covered with snow all the year.(山峰終年積雪。)
  His career is at its peak now, no wonder he will make greater achievement.(他的事業正處于鼎盛時期,毫無疑問,他會取得更大的成就。)
  10. vessel n. 船,艦;容器,器皿
  an ocean-going vessel 遠洋輪  an escort vessel 護衛艦
  a fishing vessel 漁船      a drinking vessel 飲具
  11. crew n. 全體船員,全體機務人員
  The crew was (were) annoyed at the captain's decision.(船員們對船長的決定感到惱火。)
  The aircraft has a crew of 6.(這架飛機有6名機組人員。)
  All 312 passengers and 6 crew members died in the plane crash.(312名乘客和6名機組人員在飛機失事中喪生。)
  12. becalm v.(常用被動語態)(指帆船)因無風而停止前進
  In the days of sailing vessels the crew were afraid they would be becalmed on the ocean.(在使用帆船的時代,船員們擔心他們會因為無風而無法在海洋上航行。)
  He was becalmed for a whole week north of the island. (他在海島北面因無風而停泊了整整一周。)